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“We need an Alice.” My breath shaky I closed the door, not knowing what to do next.
“You still don’t get it do you? We may be the last two humans! We’re more than ‘royally screwed’!  Is this all a game for you? A movie? A book? Umbrella Corp isn’t real! There is no way to stop the virus!  We aren’t the S.T.A.R.S.! We aren’t trained, these zombies aren’t smart, there aren’t any zombie dogs, but the zombies; they ARE hungry. And most importantly, we’re alone! All alone! Everyone might be a zombie by now! There is NO ALICE!”
His sudden outburst startled me at first, but when his words finally reached my mind they echoed and pounded. I started to sob, to cry. My hope was shattered. I didn’t feel like I even had Trip anymore. I was just a lonely soul surrounded by impossibilities and no way out.
“Cry quieter, they’ll hear you and come.” Trip cocked his gun and watched the door, listening, but nothing came.

I was watching the news, it seemed something weird had gone on down at the hospital, concerning whatever campers had been found or whatever. But I’d never much cared for news so I flipped the channel off. I quickly ran down the stairs and got a glass of water and the phone.
I ran upstairs, flopped on the bed, pressed speed dial number two and started sipping my water. ‘Ring… Ring… Ring…Hello?’
“Hey Trip! How’s it goin?”
“Fine Sarah, and yourself?” He replied. I could hear electronic noises in the background.
“Great, you playing videogames?” I always hated when he played videogames and tried to talk to me at the same time. I always felt like they were more important, more interesting.
“Yeah, sorry, hold on.” I heard a clunk and a click and then he came back, “So, anything new?”
“No, but have you heard the news?” I flipped through my resident evil books and movie collection. I’d never believed in zombies like Trip had, but I’d picked up on his love for the Resident Evil series. It was really interesting, a good waste of time. Trip on the other hand, (was borrowing my Resident evil games), and had even bought the ‘Zombie Survival Guide’. In my opinion, he’d taken it too far, getting shooting lessons and buying a gun under his father’s name. He generally believed in zombies. But Trip and I’d been friends for a long time and I’d learned to love his quirkiness.
“No, should I?” his way of asking for more.
“Yeah, something at the hospital about the campers and stuff. I thought it was funny, weren’t they all dead?” I leaned back on my bed, accidentally spilling my water, ‘dang it’ I said under my breath. I could hear only silence from Trip’s end.
“What channel? Quickly.” His voice sounded rushed, I obliged.
“Channel four of course, anyways, why are you so freaked out?” I took out a towel from the bathroom attaching to my room and I started to sop up the water and try to get the stuff to dry out. I could sort of hear Trip moving around, and soon Channel Four played in the background.
“Holy shit…… I shoulda kept a better eye…oh man. Sarah, we gotta get out of here!”
“Trip, it’s just some stupid mistake somewhere along the line, these things happen all the time. Besides, I read this one book where these people gave this person a drug and they thought she was dead but really she was alive, and…” I could tell Trip wasn’t listening.
“Look Ser, this is the exact type of thing that the guide talks about, no arguments, I’ll be over in a minute.”
The phone clicked off.

My worst nightmare had come to life. And part of me was glad. I’d never have to wonder if it really was an irrational fear, and if I was just crazy. But most of me was scared shitless.
“Dad!” I called into the computer room, “Watch channel four news and get ready! There are zombies! We need to be prepared! I’ll leave you my copy of the guide here on the couch! Please do it for me!”
Dad hadn’t ever taken me seriously on the zombie issue, but I hoped he would humor me this time and hear the sincerity of my voice.
“Yeah! As soon as this round is over!” he called back. I rolled my eyes; I knew one round meant he wouldn’t ever get off.
“Dad! NOW PLEASE! And come to Sarah’s with it! Bring some food and water! I’m taking my gun, make sure you have yours!” I grabbed my pack that I always kept by the front door, and grabbed my gun before dashing over to Sarah’s place. Luckily she lived only four houses away.
I pounded on her door. The sun was going down, and night was the most dangerous time. Zombies depend equally on all their senses, but humans mostly rely on sight. We’d be at a disadvantage.
Sarah opened the door with a damp rag in one hand and her house phone in the other. “Hey Trip, come on in.” She sounded so nonchalant. The importance of the situation was so huge, the politeness felt out of place.
“Ok, this outbreak could be contained, but my guess is that there were more campers, right? Who weren’t found? Not to mention that the government won’t recognize it until it’s too late, and regular people won’t have a clue about what to do. The car isn’t in the driveway, where’s your mom and brother? Call them, make sure they come home right away.”
“They’re at the hospital actually, my brother needed a physical to go to Boy Scout camp.”
“Call them now!” I urged her, she finally obeyed. I quickly started gathering food in laundry baskets, and pulling the baskets up the stairs. I poured out perishable goods in the backyard. I filled the tubs upstairs with water. I brought as much clean clothes as I could, and started to gather batteries, Sarah looked at me from the kitchen.
“They...uh, the phone line at the hospital isn’t working. Can I help?” she asked, gulping. But I could still see hesitation in her eyes.
I nodded. “Call my dad, be fast, tell him to bring everything we talked about and to do it now!” Sarah went back to the phone.
I’d just about finished lugging everything (I’d basically taken anything that wasn’t furniture) upstairs when she came back, “He says he’s coming. I crashed his game because it was online, so, yeah.”
“Ok, help me start barricading everything but the front door.” We went to work, nailing up boards I’d provided a while ago just in case. We shoved empty bookcases up against anything boarded up.

Trip was scaring me. We couldn’t get a hold of my mom, who’d left her cell at home, and the hospital phones weren’t working or were disconnected or something. I was strongly wishing it were all just coincidence. Zombies. How could zombies really be breaking out? After all, zombies were a myth, like werewolves, and vampires. Scary and fun, but not real.
I just didn’t really believe him, but I figured we’d follow his whim, and when mom came home, she’d get a little mad, but it wouldn’t last long because we’ve known Trip for years now, and she liked him a lot.
But I while wasn’t starting to believe him, his attitude and sense of urgency was catching on. An easily susceptible mind, I guess. But if the zombies really were…well, real or whatever, we’d be totally screwed. As I was hammering in a nail on a window board (Trip was pushing the fridge over my way) his dad stepped through the door. Mr. Bastian looked decked out. He had guns and swords and brooms in one arm, bows and such in the other, and a backpacking backpack like Trips’, filled with god knows what. He ran upstairs, dropped everything off in my room and came back down. He and Trip pushed the fridge in front of the window, and started on the front door. I tried calling my mom again, and I got nothing.
“Ser, please take my cell too, it’s on your bed, and my dads, in the lower left pocket of his pack, and your mom’s too, and turn them all on silent. Not vibe, but silent. Turn off all the lights around the house, and fill up bowls with water while you’re doing it. Bring the bowls upstairs.” Trip glanced at me with a pleading look. He really needed me to help him. Even if it was coincidence, and zombies weren’t attacking, I was willing to endorse his fears for now, besides, something in the back of my mind kept tugging, and the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.
With the two Bastians working together, the front door was finished, and everything inspected. They helped me with the water, putting it all in my brothers’ room, and then they got to work destroying the stairs. At first I was astonished.
“Guys, you can’t be serious? The... stairs?! My mom will have a fit!” I said to the two men with axes. They looked at eachother, and back to me.
“I’ll pay for it if she’s mad. Trip and I talked about it while we were workign on the door, it needs to be done for safety measures. Please go back upstairs.” Mr. Bastian was stern, and I hadn’t expected it. Hesitantly, I walked up the stairs, and I started watching the two work.
“Wait!” I cried, they were already. half way up, “What about my mom and brother?!” Trip and his dad looked at each other. Trip raced up to me, and led me to my room, with his axe in hand, laying it down next to the open door.
Trip put his hand on my arm. Gentle but firm. “Look, Sarah, they were at the hospital. Hospital lines are down. The outbreak will spread both from the forest and the hospital. But either way, they were there. The chances of them surviving are so small… They’re probably already gone.”
It pained me so much, to see the way she was looking at me, I pulled her into an embrace, “Sarah I’m so sorry, you have to either think of them as gone, or hope they’ve found shelter somewhere else. We can’t save them, we can’t. We can’t be heroes. We can survive, and that’s it. Survive. It’s all we can do; it’s all we need to do. And if they come, and they’re zombies, I need you to know that they will be gone. All that will be left is a body with a hunger, they won’t remember you, or me, or each other. But it’s ok, we can live. We’re prepared, we can live.”
She didn’t make a sound, but I could feel her warm tears and her body shake, “Trip,” she whispered, “my mother is my lifeline, you know that. And my brother is more important than anything. And I’m not even sure I believe you. Part of me does, but most of me is screaming not to. I trust you, but I just don’t...I find it hard to...besides, if my mom and brother… I can’t… I can’t...” she got choked up, and couldn’t finish.
“It’s all right Sarah, it’s ok. Look, if you need to go to the bathroom, do it now, the water will probably stop working, and anyway, the flush is too loud to constantly use if it doesn’t.” I hated the way I was being. Apathetic, and lying (everything was not ok). But I could barely control my own fear, and I was the one who knew the guide the best. I hadn’t had time to create a real fortress, or even to get out of town, but I had enough time to barricade a two-story house, and it would have to be enough. My dad came in.
“It’s done, we should be ok.” He nodded to me. I was surprised he was taking me seriously, “Look son, I know I haven’t believed you before, but I took a look at channel four. And the air, it doesn’t feel quite right. I have a bad feeling.”
It was the closest to an apology I would ever get, but I took it as it was. “Alright guys, let’s start organizing everything, but first here’s some ground rules. Every one talk quiet, move quiet. Try not to use a lot of water; we’re going to ration food. No screaming if you see them, we can take care of it, and we can hide. With any luck, they won’t ever even enter the house, but if they do, they should roam below and leave. No lights, no fire. Check you cell phone every five minutes, we each have each other’s cell phone number, and your mom’s is off Sarah. From here on out this is it. All right, I want cleaning supplies in one area, clothes in another, folded and sorted. Food and water in Rob’s room. We’ll live and sleep mostly in Sarah’s room. Games and books in Sarah’s room. Other supplies in Mrs. Stans’ room, all right. This is it. Let’s go.”
I rubbed my chilled hands together and looked out the window, darkness had fallen in more ways than one.
We’d worked as long as it took to get everything in order, and when we had, I appreciated what Trip had done. He’d brought almost everything upstairs, and we had everything we needed, or even would need.
“Trip, I’m tired.” I yawned. He nodded. He stealthily walked toward the weapons area, and pulling out a small pistol and a longer sword, he came back.
“Alright, take these just in case, ok? Keep them with you all the time.” He looked weary.
“I won’t… really need these will I?” I asked. His clear blue eyes looked grim.
“I don’t know, Sarah, I really don’t. Anyway, we need to set a watch cycle. I’ll be-“ he was cut off by the alarm clock in my room. Immediately his eyes went wide and he dashed to the room, picking up the clock and throwing it to the ground so hard it broke. The ringing stopped, but Trip was breathing hard. He was totally unstable, and this had only shown us what lay beneath his cool all knowing demeanor. He hadn’t looked for the button, he’d destroyed the thing. I understood, he’d finished telling us earlier how quiet we needed to be, and the alarm clock, in his mind, was like a death bell. Silence hung between the three of us.
I went over to him, and sat him down on my bed; he held his head in his hands. Mr. Bastian didn’t seem to know what to do. “They say knowledge will replace fear, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.” he said, and under his breath I could barely make out the rest, “Wish it did.”
Mr. Bastian straightened up, “I’ll take first watch, and you obviously need to sleep. In the morning we’ll watch the news, listen to the radio, and go online. I have my laptop with me. You kids sleep, it’ll all be all right while I watch, I know what I’m doing now.”
“Thanks Mr. Bastian, please wake us up in a few hours. If you start getting sleepy wake one of us up, ok?” he saluted me and left the room. But it was obvious I wasn’t any help, they wouldn’t put me on watch.
Trip nodded, looking up. He kicked off his shoes and socks, placing them by the door. He went through the clothes until he found a pair of pj’s that he’d brought in his backpack. I found my own in my dresser, and went into the bathroom to change. When I came out, Trip was already fast asleep on the leftmost side of my double bed. I slipped in beside him, and considered the situation. I’d known Trip for years, and didn’t care if we were sleeping in the same bed, or same room. I’d gone on plenty of camping trips with him and his father. They never let me sleep alone because I wasn’t any help then either. I was beginning to feel useless, a burden. But I was glad, however, that Trip was the one next to me, because he had believed in zombies, and he had presumably been right. My thoughts started to drift to my family, and I seriously started doubting that there really were zombies. I’d even reflected on the day, and I started feeling silly about my earlier outburst, but I shut those thoughts out with a sleeping pill.
When I woke up, I realized it was late in the day. I blinked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Things were quiet, but I could just barely hear the television. I sat up slowly, feeling strength returning to my limbs. I yawned and stretched, though not too loud of course. Taking a look at the tv, I could only see the heads of Trip and Mr. Bastian.
My feet felt the plush rug of my floor and I carefully got up, padding over to the two. I sat behind them.
“This strange cannibalistic desire rapidly spread through the hospital last night, shortly after the camper seemingly rose from the dead. The police are trying to stop the spread of this…this...disease, and it seems under control. The only problem is that virtually everyone in the hospital has been taken under the plague and there were a large number of patients, not to mention the staff. Reports of rogue ‘zombies’, as the people are calling them have come from places near the hospital, it seems some escaped before the…” I tried to stop listening to the woman on channel four news, but I couldn’t. I finally turned off the tv.
“Hey!” Trip fiercely whispered, “We need that to see how far the zombies are.” I had been about to tell him that I shouldn’t have doubted him, and that he was right, but I changed what I had to say.
“Didn’t you hear her? She said police had it under control.” I replied rather crossly.
Trip brushed his straight black hair out of his eyes, and glared at me, “Didn’t YOU hear her? She said random reports of zombies had been occurring in the area. That means some got away. In fact, some people could have been bitten and returned home before they turned into zombies. The lost campers in the forest will come back, or move onto the next town. Not to mention, the media always tones down things so that they don’t freak out civilians. This entire city will be infested before tomorrow night, just watch.” He turned the television back on.
“Fine, I’m going to eat.” I stood up to get some food.
“No, wait, I’ll go with you. I’m hungry too. And I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so cross. It’s not your fault you don’t know what’s going on. I’ll go get you the copy of the guide my dad brought and you can read it, ok?” Trip relented, and I forgave him. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?
“All right. So what are we going to eat anyways?” I asked, helping him up. He seemed thoughtful.
“Well, we should start with trail mix and work our way up. That way as the zombies decline our food will get better…or, if we need to get new supplies, at least we’ll have been eating better so our morale won’t be as low.”
As we sat on her bed eating our trail mix, she shook her head, “No, I just don’t believe it! The zombies are real! This is…surreal!”
I nodded, “It is rather strange isn’t it?” I couldn’t fully agree with her, after all, I did believe it was happening, and it did seem very real to me. But I was hoping against all the odds that we would make it out alive, not dead, and definitely not ‘undead’. Sarah twisted her wispy blonde hair around her fingers.
“Trip, do you really think my mom and brother know…dead or whatever?” she asked, avoiding my eyes.
I took a deep breath, trying to find the right answer, “Well… tell me this. If your mom knew there was danger, and knew that you were at home, what do you think she would do?”
Sarah frowned. “Call me or come home. Probably try to call me on the way home…”
“Well, there haven’t been any missed calls, and she isn’t here. I really hope she’s out there, but honestly…no, I don’t think she’ll be back. I’m telling you because I care, it’s horrible to lie to someone you care about.” Yet another uncomfortable silence wafted between us.
“Hey kids, I videotaped the news with my cell phone, I’m going to post it on the Internet, you want to also?” Dad came in with his laptop and cell phone.
Dad first put the stuff up on blogspot. Sarah put hers on myspace and facebook, I put mine on all three and then some.
“Hey Trip, look, Rachel and some of my other friends are talking about it too, but… they’re all doing fine. None of them are holed up or anything, they’re not even scared.” Sarah pointed to the laptop and turned it so I could see.
Anger boiled up inside me. Her giggly friends were actually laughing. ‘lolz, thers no wai zombies r real, can’t wait till it blows over. Gtg 2 school, ttyl!’ one of them had posted. I frowned and furrowed my eyebrows.
“Hey Ser, you want the guide?” I offered, hoping to pull her from the laptop. We couldn’t afford a false sense of security.
“No thanks, not right now.” she said, waving me off with her hand. I sighed. “Oh, I’m sorry, I know, I can see it, on the news. I just… you know. I told you.” She closed the laptop. “But you know I trust you more than them, they’re nothing. Sure, I’d love the guide right now.” she closed the laptop, and put it aside. I smiled.
As she read the guide, I wrote up a word document to paste into all my sights. It was day one, and I wrote down everything that had happened so far. I figured to call on help if we needed it, but I could also start alerting people of what was going on. I did, of course, lie about where Sarah, dad, and I were hiding, just for safety reasons.
Unfortunately, while I had a lot of online friends, the people of our community didn’t always appreciate what I had to say. Pretty soon I got comments like, ‘u crazy stop tryin to scare ppl’. From the locals, but other people believed me. One person wrote me a private note, ‘Hey, I live in Kaltic, the city to the west. We aren’t having this problem, and we shouldn’t, since the forest is on the east. I’m a close friend of the head of the police force here, and while we won’t be able to come get you, I can try to make sure we don’t get infested as well. This thing can’t infect other animals, can it? If you can make it here without catching the disease, you can find safe haven. Please reply asap. God speed.’
I looked up how far Kaltic was. It was pretty close, but not close enough. I decided not to chance it. With no idea how fast the zombies were spreading, it would be dangerous to be on the move. Luckily, though, Sarah had bikes enough for all of us (a car really wouldn’t do, too noisy, and you have to fill up on gas). I replied to the person form Kaltic, and shut of the laptop.
Solamnium...or something like that. That was the name of the zombie virus that occurs in nature. What a load of bs. The book even said ‘fiction’! Nonetheless I kept reading. It seemed trip had done a pretty good job, according to the guide. I put it down and lay back on the floor.
“Hey Sarah, you wanna bring your gun and sword and come over here for a minute or two?” Trip called over my way. His dad had already joined him.
“Yeah, sure.” I replied, grabbing the objects next to me and scooting over to them. Trip had some gunk out and a few rags.
“This,” he said, pointing to the lighter stuff, “is metal cleaner, for the swords and machetes and knives. This,” he pointed to the darker stuff, “ is for the guns. We need to keep our weapons clean and ready for use. Sarah, today we’ll teach you how to reload as well.”
We got to work cleaning our weapons. I was careful not to cut myself, but it seemed I sacrificed some shininess for it. Mr. Bastian’s looked better than mine, but Trip’s looked the best, which really didn’t surprise anyone. When we finished, I took a nap.
“Hey…hey, Sarah.” Trip’s voice floated into my head. I could feel him shaking my arm.
“What? Whaaattt?” I moaned, waking up.
“Sh, not so loud!” he replied, “You wanna play a game?”
I raised my head, “A game? What kind of game?”
“The pokemon monopoly kind of game. Or maybe clue? Or…scrabble? I dunno, you tell me! I brought all the games up here. Of course we can’t play and ones that make noise, but you know. And I was hoping to save cards for later…” he replied trailing off.
I sat up and looked at him, “Are you serious? We get to play games while there are supposedly zombies?!”
He looked exasperated, “Supposedly? You saw the news, there are too zombies! And anyways, just cause we’re here doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. I mean, there aren’t any zombies surrounding the house or anything, and we definitely have like, a lot of free time. Besides, the guide says it’ll help stop us from going crazy, and I trust the guide.”
“Yeah Sarah, he trusts the guide.” Mr. Bastian mimicked trip, who shot him a look and play hit him, they laughed.
Day two had worked out fine. We’d cleaned our weapons and now Sarah knew how to reload her gun. We’d posted on the web, watched the news, played a game, and Sarah had started reading the guide.
I brushed my teeth and took first watch. Shortly, dad took second, and later I took third, and he got fourth. Sarah wasn’t ready for a watch yet.
Waking up the third morning I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my bones; or maybe I was just being paranoid. Dad was up, he seemed fine. Nothing to report. I turned on the TV to see if the zombies had spread further, it seemed they had. I couldn’t see the anchorwoman on the television, because the television, wouldn’t turn on. Day three, and already the power was out.
“Dad,” I said, as quiet as possible, “Come here for a second, bring your phone!”
Watching the door, just in case my father had turned into a zombie overnight (one never can be too careful), I called Sarah, “Sarah, bring the laptop over here. Wake up!”
Sarah mumbled and stayed asleep, but dad came through the door with his cell phone. He definitely wasn’t a zombie.
“What’s up?” he inquired, waiting for my response. I demonstrated.
“Well, no air conditioning then I guess…” he trailed off, trying to make light of the situation.
“Dad, tape me for a minute if you will, I wanted to use your cell, but we can use mine if we have to.”
He nodded and started pushing buttons, “Ok...ready…now.”
I pushed the television button on and off, then turned to the camera, “Day three, the power is out. We’re doing fine, but I don’t know what’s going on outside. I haven’t checked the Internet or the radio yet, but my guess is that havoc has been wrought. I’m Trip,” I took the phone form my dad, “This is my dad,” I pointed it towards Sarah, “and this is Sarah.” I pointed it back to me, “We’re basically trapped in the middle of a zombie infested city, and I swear this is no joke.” I walked to the stairs and filmed a small shot of them, then went to the separate rooms, “See? It’s for real. I don’t recommend trying to save us; don’t come by yourself, or with a small party. Don’t try to be a hero. But tell the government, spread it around. We need HELP.” I stopped recording. “Ok dad, let’s load it up. And once I get it up online we can delete it off your phone and the computer, I know it takes up a lot of space.”
I noticed Sarah was sitting up on the bed now, holding her knees. “Is the power really out, Trip? Are zombies really everywhere?
Dad answered for me, “yes, the power is out. I have a feeling that’s why Trip told us to put the lights out in the first place, right? And we don’t know if zombies are everywhere yet. We’re going to check the Internet right now.”
She slid the laptop over our way, and I took it. Within five minutes the footage was circulating the web, and our footage from day two was finally picked up and brought along with it. I looked on the sites of people who lived in our city, I only found a few updates, the most recent from late last night, ‘Holy shit, wtf?! Some crazy crap is happening out there, I don’t know what. I live, god, like how many miles away from the hospital? I didn’t like believe that kid, I think he’s in my science class…friends with like Sarah, right? What’s his name…. Skip? Flip? Grip? Trip? Skip, I think. But god, he’s lucky. I don’t know if he’s hiding out at home, but at least he lives like on the edge of town. That bus ride to school must have been killer, but now, what if it like saves his life? Shit. I’m like so scared. Pray for me. –Lisa”
Lisa used a few too many likes for my taste, but I knew the girls at school talked like that. Lisa especially, I could always hear her across the room, laughing and saying like every few seconds. I wasn’t insulted that she couldn’t remember my name. I actually thought it was funny. I just hoped she was ok, I wouldn’t wish my nightmare on anyone else. Living your worst fear. ‘At least,’ I told myself, ‘it won’t get any worse than this, ever in my life time.’ But honestly the thought didn’t comfort me. I still felt like crawling out of my skin and being someone else, far away. Or maybe it was just the goose bumps, I never could tell.
I sighed and shook my head, but I dared myself to look out the window. I pushed the curtain back just enough to see, and I tensed as I surveyed the area. When I realized nothing was there, I relaxed, and then tensed again. I briefly remembered the zombie dogs from Resident Evil. I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t own dogs, or rabbits, or pets of any kind.
Trip noticed I was looking out the window and joined me. “You know, it’s so silent. Did you notice? All the animals have fled. They can smell the virus or something and they leave. I wonder if that makes it easier for the zombies.” He said, letting the curtain drop.
“The silence is deadly, but the wind tells no lies.” Trip said, as if reading my thoughts. He leaned against the wall.
The silence filled my ears and deafened me for a moment. The reality of the situation was definitely washing over me.
“Hey trip, I really wanna take a shower, uh, this is weird, but can I?” I asked, biting my lip.
“Nope.” He shook his head, “Showers are too noisy, and the water might not even be running, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I saw you had the face washing things, we can use those.”
My nose scrunched, “But, they’re all... sticky, right?”
This time he agreed, “Right, so you follow up with a wetted towel. Not soaking, but more than damp, right? Then it’s soap and water. Which reminds me. You need to cut your hair. It’s obvious you aren’t very far in the guide, so, you wouldn’t know, but, yeah. You might want to do it before you ‘shower’.” He made quotations with his fingers when he said shower.
I nodded, pale, and silent. Cut my hair? Such a trivial thing to do. I wasn’t vain about it, but I’d gotten compliments on it often. I knew what he meant anyway. This was real. This was dangerous. We had to be ready. I don’t know what about cleaning guns and knives didn’t get it through to me, but now I knew.
“Oh god, we’re screwed. We are so royally screwed. Royally screwed. That’s exactly what we are. Two times over. Oh god.” I took a knife that looked the right length for cutting my hair. A kitchen knife. Sharp. I once used it to cut vegetables. Now I used it to cut away my lovely hair.
“You know,” Trip said, “we have scissors.”
We took turns ‘showering’ in the bathroom. Turns out the water was still working.
We were eating dinner, trail mix again, but this time with some beef jerky and a bit of oatmeal; and also continuing out last pokemon monopoly game, when we heard this blood curdling scream from outside.
We all stopped and looked at each other. “No one move. Stay quiet. Finish eating, fast.” I instructed. I crept to the window, and pulled back the curtain slightly. The house across the street was a one story, with an open garage door, and an open front door. I didn’t hear any other noises, and I didn’t see anything. But it wasn’t hard to guess what had happened.
“Guys, bad news. Seems the zombies are reaching our area. The house across the street is… well… anyone inside is gone now.” I could hear my voice trembling, “Unless one of us is keeping watch, we’re going to need to wear earplugs. I have a few pairs, so we should be fine.”
“What are the earplugs for?” dad, generally interested, asked me.
“The zombie wail has been known to drive people insane, and…I don’t think it’s hurt to guard against the, other... screams.” I quickly went to Mrs. Stan’s room, grabbed the earplugs and went back to Sarah’s, catching my dad and giving him a pair on his way to wash the dishes.
“Hey, put these in, and don’t take them out unless instructed, ok? It may be a little early for the precaution, but it might help us get used to the plugs before the real wailing starts…assuming it does.”
Sarah nodded, and put them in. She started to get ready for bed. I walked over to dad.
“Hey dad, I can put the dishes away and finish up.” I said, he turned around and nodded to me. I could see he had been crying.
“Look son, I’m very sorry I didn’t believe you. We should’ve moved, or... I don’t know. Something. I really love you.”
I cringed, and felt myself starting to tear up too, “How could you have known? Even I never expected it...just Besides, dad, you’re talking like we’re already dead.”
He put a hand on my shoulder, “I don’t think you’ll die. You’re young and full of life. But I’m an old man, and I’ve got a feeling, I’ll be gone sooner rather than later.”
I finished washing the dishes and kept a vigilant watch, for longer than I usually did, I felt my dad might’ve needed some extra sleep.
When I woke up, I remembered where I was and what was happening, for the, what, third time, now? Day... four? I was starting to lose track. After eating and brushing my teeth, I immediately started reading the guide. But soon my eyes fell upon another set of books… the Resident Evil series.
I picked one up and put the guide down. It wasn’t very surprising, where the guide made me upset, the books made me happy. The bad guys died, the good guys won. And then I thought about the movies. Alice, she was rockin, and she could like, resist the zombie virus or whatever. The resident Evil things had a plot, had a story, had a face for the evil. They were exciting, and I loved them. Too bad real life didn’t turn out like them. But still, in my mind, we started taking roles, and plots started to take shape in my mind. Maybe we wouldn’t die. Maybe my mother and brother were still alive. Maybe the police came and got us. Maybe, who knows, Alice came through the door? That was a little farfetched, but I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’d found my hope.
Sometimes I felt annoyed that Sarah had started reading and rereading the resident Evil series. After all, they might give her false impressions about things. And maybe I felt jealous that she had found a haven. But sometimes I was glad. I didn’t have to worry about her while she was reading them. The longer they could keep her entertained, the better. I didn’t really know how long we’d be trapped, and we would eventually run out of things to do. I took my earplugs out and tapped her on the shoulder, motioning for her to take hers out, she complied.
“Hey Ser, I don’t mean to interrupt you, but do you think in a little bit you could read a bit more of the guide? I just... want to make sure you understand things, you know?” I asked her.
She smiled at me, something she really hadn’t done much since day two, “Yeah, sure. Hey Trip, thanks for helping me. Really. I’d probably be a goner, but, I have confidence in you.” She said, picking up the guide and flipping to a page with a bookmark in it. She carefully wedged her earplugs back into place.
I kind of stood there for a second, but I put my earplugs back in as well. I went to the window, and brushed the curtain a little bit away. Almost instantly I dropped the curtain as if it were made of snakes. I jumped back and motioned for Sarah to be quiet. I went to my dad and told him what I saw through hand signs.
Outside, lumbering along like they do, perusing along the street, happened to be two zombies, looking for a meal. My dad and I both tensed, but tried to relax, sitting in the middle of Sarah’s room, trying to be ready to deal with anything if it came into the house. Sarah stayed completely quiet; she rested the guide on the bed and lay down. Luckily, Sarah had heavy curtains in her room, and even if we were able to put the lights on, I don’t think the zombies would have seen the light, or even her silhouette.
After a while Trip decided to try to be brave, and take pictures of the things, to put on the Internet. He lifted the curtain just a little, and used the cell to take pictures, and maybe films, I’m not sure, of the zombies.
He rested on the floor a minute, before giving the cell to Mr. Bastian, who had the laptop. I could see him fighting for control. I remembered something from health class a while ago. Fight or flight, right? I’d read a little more of the guide. Enough to know that fighting probably wasn’t our best idea.
I read over Trip’s shoulder, what he was writing. ‘The zombies have reached us. They’re here. They don’t know we’re here, but they’re near the house. I can only assume the entire city has been taken. People in surrounding cities, you may want to inform your police force, your government. Watch out for the zombies! The plague spreads rapidly! Prepare yourself! Better yet move to a remote location and prepare there! I’m posting pictures, and footage, you’ve already seen the news clips I downloaded, and the footage of us here in the house. We need help, but I know ordinary citizens won’t last out here! We need the government to acknowledge the crisis and send in specially trained agents! To search the houses and clear the streets isn’t enough! They also need to go through the surrounding area, and any bodies of water! The forest should be searched through twice! What happens when we run out of supplies? What happens, when a zombie decides it wants in? We will try to keep in contact, but how long will this laptop battery last? As long as our food? Longer? Will it go out tomorrow? Is anyone else in the city alive? It’s impossible to tell. And if you still think this is a joke, I implore you to watch the news video again. I’m not making this up. I’m stuck, and so are two others, Sarah, and my father.’
Trip’s writing was very emotional, and I daresay inspiring to others. But to me, it was dreadful. I motioned for the computer and typed to him what I thought, “Supplies? You think we’ll run out of supplies? Oh god, we’re screwed. Hey- that lady, she said we could go to Kaltic? Why didn’t you take her up on her offer? Why didn’t we leave?” I was astonished that he would keep this from me, and that he wouldn’t take the chance to leave.
“It’s so dangerous on the run… I didn’t want to chance it. I didn’t know how fast the outbreak was occurring, and the route goes right past the hospital. It’s pretty far, I didn’t think we could bike there in only one day. She’s still talking to me, and keeping me informed. All other communications with our city except our sites have been cut off, but Kaltic is doing fine. We can still go if we need to.” He responded, then when he was finished typing closing the document and turning off the laptop.
I knew he meant by riding our bikes. I shivered as I thought of trying to ride my bike through the zombie-infested city. I wished we’d gone earlier, but I didn’t want to go now.
the beginning of yet another story.
resident evil / zombie survival guide inspired.
hm, it's ok i guess. needs work, but there you go.
alright it starts with a part in the middle ish, and then goes to the beginning, the two mains are Sarah Stan and Trip Bastian. Lolz @ the alliteration of Sarah's name.

C pf pls

it's longer and i made sarah more believable
guess whta's gonna happen next?!?!
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